SEMICON Taiwan 2015

CMP Pavilion



Chasing with Moore's Law, semiconductor process towards miniaturization below  32nm node. The ups and downs of the wafer, the size of the defect tolerance has entered the nanometer level, making for chemical mechanical polishing (CMP ) technical requirements more stringent. Intelligent real-time linked global electronic communication products and high-end computers, who must rely on full of harsh chemical mechanical polishing process. SEMICON Taiwan 2015 launches "CMP Pavilion to exhibit the most state-of-art chemical mechanical polishing techniques.




One on one pre-scheduled meetings for your potential buyers including IDM, foundry and OEM to get to know you in a private setting in a SEMI provided space. It would be the best 30 minutes you want to spend at the show!



You will learn the latest technology developments of major companies through their live shows and interactive displays. SEMICON Taiwan is the best platform to identify business partners with low cost and high performance solutions.






           Booth No.                             Exhibitors                                               
3001 Ensinger Asia Holding PTE. LTD. Taiwan Branch


Ever Pure Applied Materials Co., Ltd.


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