SEMICON Taiwan 2015 

Kyushu (Japan) Pavilion



Kyusyu  is so called  Silicon Island in Japan.  There  are  19  wafer  Fabs  and  over  1000 semiconductor  related  companies  here.  Especially a  lot  of  major companies are  located   in  Kumamoto  and  Oita   Most  of  all  Semiconductor  manufacturing  service   through  IC design to testing  , packaging  are  provided.  And  also  equipments for  both of   front end and back end  processes  are  provided.  STK techology is supporting Burn-in equipment as their main product.    There  will  be   a lot of  business  chance if you can  be  our  partner.




■ TechXPOT

You will learn the latest Secondary Market technology developments of major companies through their live shows and interactive displays. SEMICON Taiwan is the best platform to identify business partners with low cost and high performance solutions.







          Booth No.                       Exhibitors                                         
3059 Kumamoto Prefectural Government                      
3057 Oita LSI Cluster promotion council
STK Technology Co.,Ltd 




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