SEMICON Taiwan 2015

Frequently Asked Questions




■  How to apply for After Hours Pass (Extended Working Hours)?

Exhibitors needing to stay after posted hours to work within their booth on equipment and/or their display will need to obtain an "After Hour Pass". Please apply these passes at the onsite organizer's office at a rate of NT$53,000/hour.


■  Does SEMICON Taiwan provide Airport Services?

Public transportation is available from Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Buses are provided by Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport, and leave every 20–30 minutes serving city center destinations (journey time approx. 50 minutes) and Taipei Rail Station. Taxi are available from the arrival hall 24 hours a day, costing around NT$1,500 to Taipei. For details, please visit Travel/Hotel page.


■  Is Alcohol allowed at the fairground?

Alcohols are prohibited in the facility during the set-up and dismantle period for safety and insurance reasons.


■  Can I apply for Exhibitor Badges in advance?

To save on valuable time, it is recommended to pre-register your exhibitor badges. Pre-registration will end on 14th August, after which the badges will be available for onsite registration. Exhibitor Badges will be available for collection onsite from 12:00 on 30st August.


■  Where can I find Catering Services at the fairground? 

There are many restaurants on 1F and 3F in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. In addition, full-service restaurants are nearby Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.


■  Is there age restriction for SEMICON Taiwan?

On show days only, persons between the ages of 12-16 years are allowed on the show floor as long as an adult accompanies them. During the set-up and dismantle period, no one under 16 is allowed. Due to safety and insurance reasons no one under the age of 12 and under 110cm height will be admitted to the show floor at any time.


■  Does SEMI Taiwan provide Cleaning Services?

The organizer will ensure general cleanliness of public areas of the exhibition hall, including aisles and carpet and general garbage disposal but not includes cleaning of the exhibits and displays. Exhibitors who wish to have additional cleaning services may do so through the official contractor - Cheng Nien Cleaning Ltd. (see SECTION 1 "Important Contacts")


■  How to apply as a Co-Exhibitor?

Co-exhibitors are companies that are displaying within a primary exhibitor’s booth. All co-exhibitors must submit a co-exhibitor Submission Form in order to be recognized as an official co-exhibitor at SEMICON Taiwan. For Further information, please contact: L1 Exhibitors: Ms Cindy Chan, Email: cchan@semi.org, Tel: 886.3.560.1777 x 305 L4 Exhibitors: Ms Jamie Lee, Email: staiwan1@semi.org, Tel: 886.3.560.1777 x 310


■  Does SEMICON Taiwan provide Turnkey Package?

Decorated / Raw Space Exhibitors have the choice of selecting either raw exhibit space, in order to build their own custom exhibit, or a decorated exhibit booth that will be built by the official show decorator: PICO International Taiwan Ltd. Please refer to Exhibition Services Manual page, SECTION 3 “Decorating & Rental” and SECTION 6 Form1 & 2.


■  Which companies are the Official Contractors of SEMICON Taiwan 2015?

PICO International Taiwan Ltd., Triumph Trans-Link Logistics Co., Ltd. and TWI are the official contractors of this exhibition; onsite service counters will be available for assistance.


■  How do I apply for Early Hall Access?

On the first day of the show, exhibitors are permitted to enter the Exhibition Hall two hours before opening (08:00AM), one hour before on the 2nd and 3rd day (09:00 AM); and remain for half hour after closing to service their booths. For security reasons, exhibitors intending to start earlier or stay later must obtain prior permission from SEMI.


■  How do I apply for utility services at the fairground?

Exclusive Services Contractor Exhibitors must use PICO International Taiwan Ltd. for the following utility services: Electrical, Water and Drainage. Please refer to Exhibition Services Manual page, SECTION 6 Form3.


■  How does my company apply for Export Licenses?

Certain local government trade regulations may dictate that equipment meet export license guidelines in order to be shipped overseas. Exhibitors who are not familiar with their local export license requirements should contact their Department of Commerce or their freight forwarder. Additional information relating to this Please refer to Exhibition Services Manual page, SECTION 4, “Freight Handling”.


■  Does SEMICON Taiwan provide First Aid for emergencies at the fairground?  

If an emergency occurs, please inform Show Management and Security immediately. First Aid Station is located at room 158 on 1F and room 452 on 4F in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.


■  Does SEMICON Taiwan Provide Freight Handling / Shipping services?

Exhibitors may use any forwarder of their choice. SEMI recommends the following freight forwarding agents: Taiwan: Triumph Trans-Link Logistics Co., Ltd. USA: TWI Global Exhibition Logistics Triumph Trans-Link Logistics Co., Ltd. has been appointed as the EXCLUSIVE official on-site handling agent for SEMICON Taiwan 2015. Triumph Trans-Link Logistics Co., Ltd. will be in charge of all on-site drayage once freight has arrived at TWTC. Triumph Trans-Link Logistics Co., Ltd. is the ONLY freight handler allowed to transport freight on the show floor. More information, refer to Exhibition Services Manual page, SECTION 4, “Freight Handling”.


■  How to reserve Hotel Accommodations during the exhibition?

SEMI has contracted rates with several hotels for SEMICON Taiwan 2015 Exhibitors. Please refer to Exhibition Services Manual page, SECTION 6, Form3 and FORM 7, for the official hotel form.


■  Can I apply for Lead Retrieval Devices during the exhibition?

Exhibitors can rent a lead retrieval device for capturing contact information of visitors to their booth. Please refer to Exhibition Services Manual page, SECTION 6, FORM 14.

■  What is the Penalty for Early Dismantle?

Exhibits may not be dismantled nor equipment removed from the booth before the official closing time on Friday, September 4, 2015. Exhibitors who dismantle their booth prior to the official closing time will lose priority points and/or may be refused the opportunity to exhibit the following year. Once dismantle begins, (16:00, Friday September 4, 2015), removal of exhibit material must be completed by 16:00, Saturday, September 5, 2015. Dismantle of certain Shell Scheme Package booths will commence immediately upon Exhibition closure. Exhibitors are advised to remove ALL displays from the partitions that they wish to retain. ALL BOOTHS / EXHIBITS MUST BE DISMANTLED AND MATERIALS REMOVED BY THE RESPECTIVE TIMES LISTED IN THE TIMETABLE OF OPERATIONS.


■  Is Photography / Video Taping allowed at the fairground?

SEMI does not allow photographing or videotaping of the exhibition, except under the following condition. Press (properly accredited) may photograph or videotape with exhibitor’s permission during exhibit hours only. Exhibitors are allowed to photograph their booth ONLY. Requests for videotaping must be submitted, in writing, to SEMI Show Management 30 days prior to the first day of set-up. A security guard must be present during the taping and exhibitors can only videotape their own exhibit. Attendees will not be allowed to bring any type of photographic equipment, including videocassette records, on the show floor. SEMI Show Management and the official photographer are exempt from the above rules.


■  Where can I find Postal and Banking at the fairground?

Postal office counter are located at the entrance of M area entrance on 4F of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. There is also Bank of Taiwan and Esun Bank located in Nangang Software Park that provides banking facilities and money exchange service.


■  Is Promotions or Facility Tours allowed during the exhibition?

SEMI discourages off-site visits or facility tours that take visitors away from the show site during show hours. No private vehicles or buses will be permitted on the exposition grounds to take visitors to such functions. SEMI requests that large meetings or social events in hotels or other locations be held during non-show hours.


■  Is Advertisement / Private Party allowed?

Private showing or other events may be distributed or displayed within the confines of the exhibitor’s booth ONLY. Any special promotions must be submitted in writing to SEMI Show Management 30 days prior to the show. SEMI Show Management reserves the right to reject, or prohibit any exhibit or special promotion, in whole or in part, of any exhibitor (or representative) based solely on its judgment, discretion, and authority. Reception / parties within your booth must be requested in writing and approved by SEMI Show Management prior to the exposition. Please submit your request to: L1 Exhibitors: Ms Cindy Chan, Email: cchan@semi.org L4 Exhibitors: Ms Jamie Lee, Email: staiwan1@semi.org


■  Can exhibitors utilize Public Address (PA) System at the fairground?

The PA system is for the use of the Organizer and Hall Owner for Official Announcements only. Paging services cannot be provided, nor can exhibitors’ announcement be made.


■  How to Register at the fairground?

LEADEXPO Solution Inc. is appointed to arrange the registration for visitors and exhibitors. Please refer to Exhibition Services Manual, SECTION 5 for more information


■  Where can I find Restaurants around the fairground?

A variety of restaurants are within walking distance. Full-service restaurants are on the 1 st and 3rd floor of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center.


■  Does SEMICON Taiwan provide Security Service?

General security services will cover Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center during set-up, show and dismantle hours. However, exhibitors will be responsible for the security and protection of their displays and personal belongings at all times. SEMI encourages Exhibitors to take the following precautions: 1) equipment. 2) Have at least one representative at your booth to supervise all deliveries, packing / unpacking, installing and dismantling until hand-over to your nominated agent. NEITHER SEMI, NOR ANY OF THE EXCLUSIVE CONTRACTORS CAN BE HELD LIABLE FOR THEFT, VANDALISM, FIRE, WATER, WIND, AND / OR STORM DAMAGE, EARTHQUAKES, ACTS OF GOD, AGGRESSION, OR WAR, ETC.


■  Where can I find official SEMI show management team at the fairground?

SEMI Show Management office will be located at the entrance of M area on 4th floor. Personnel can assist you in Chinese and English.


■  What are the Set-up / Move-in dates?

Exhibitors and Exhibited Appointed Contractors (EAC) will be allowed access to the halls beginning at 12:00 Sunday August 30, 2015 for 1F, and 07:00 Monday August 31, 2015 for 4F . Refer to section 1 “TIMETABLE OF OPERATIONS” for access hours. In order for aisle carpet to be laid in the halls, please note all freight must be received on-site by 14:00 on Tuesday September 1, 2015. Exhibitors are requested to work within their booth only from 08:00 to 10:00 Wednesday September 2, 2015.


■  Is Shuttle Service available?

During the show days, Show Management will provide complimentary shuttle service from Hsinchu to Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. Please visit our website www.semicontaiwan.org for the schedule.


■  Can I smoke at the fairground?

Smoking inside the fairground is strictly prohibited by law.


■  Where can I find Taxi around the fairground?

A taxi stand is located on basement floor of Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center during show period. All taxies carry meters and not all drivers can speak English so always have your destination written down in Chinese or show a map guide to the driver to indicate your destination.


■  What are Tear-Down / Move-out hours?

Tear-down will begin from 16:30 on 4th September. To ensure the rights and safety of all exhibitors, please follow the organizer’s instructions and directions accordingly. SEMI members who engage in early tear-down will lose priority points. All materials but be removed before 16:00 on 5th September.

How I can hire Temporary Help?

Temporary help are available for hire through LEADEXPO. Please refer to Exhibition Services Manual page, SECTION 6, FORM 15.


■  How to apply for Truck Permit?

Trucks weighing 6.5 tons and above does not require special road passes at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center location; trucks are prohibited on Huangdong Blvd. as well as Northern National Highway No. 3.


■  Can I Register online?

On-line registration opens on Wednesday, June 24 at www.semicontaiwan.org.