3D IC & Substrate Pavilion
3D IC technology is the next big thing in semiconductors! Yole's research report shows that from 2011, there has been a rapid growth of devices using TSV packaged in 3D in the 3DIC or 3D-WLCSP platforms (including CMOS image sensors, ambient light sensors, power amplifiers, RF and inertial MEMS); market value is expected to increase from US$2.7 billion to US$40 billion by 2017.
Taiwan's Semiconductor Packaging Industry Tops the World Advanced Packaging Generates High Demand for Equipment and Related Materials
Taiwan is situated in the strategic location of the world's IC packaging and testing industry, having the world's largest packaging and testing company, ASE, as well as SPIL, PTI, and ChipMOS, the top ten in the world, reaching a global packaging and testing foundry market share of 56%; Amkor and STATS ChipPAC have also set up plants in Taiwan. TechSearch's study estimates that global packaging and testing plants will continue to invest in advanced packaging and testing capital expenditure. According to SEMI's report, global semiconductor packaging materials market will reach US$2.45 billion in 2013.Taiwan's packaging materials market is estimated to amount to US$5.93 billion in 2013.As 3D IC steadily moves into mass production, IT IS estimates that the demand for related materials and substrate will also grow at 25% CAGR, and hit US$1.8 billion by 2016. Yole Developpment also points out that silicon or glass in the 2.5D interposer substrate market has the potential of reaching US$1.6 billion by 2017.


■ Theme Pavilion

Global major companies from around the world will feature product display and programs on the latest 3D IC & SiP developments. 


This 2-day SiP Global Summit will representatives from 25 of the world’s top-notch IT firms slated to share insights into the 3D IC, TSV, silicon interposer and embedded substrate technologies.
Polish your industry knowledge through the systematic session arrangement and the most inspiring speeches from the CTOs from above global leading companies!
The Supplier Search programs can gain you face-to-face access with leading device manufacturers looking for new solutions and suppliers. 
You will learn the latest technology developments of major companies through their live shows and interactive displays. SEMICON Taiwan is the best platform to identify business partners with low cost and high performance solutions.