SEMICON Taiwan 2015

Belgium Pavilion



The Region of Wallonia is one of the three regions that form the Federal State of Belgium, together with Flanders and Brussels-Capital.  In the past decade, the Government of Wallonia, based on its existing industrial and technological expertise, has been very actively promoting R&D and innovation and developing high added value technologies by implementing development plans with various incentives and encouraging measures, notably the “Plan Marshall” (launched in 2005). Following the Plan Marshall 2.Green (since 2009), the Government recently has set forth a new phase namely Plan Marshall 4.0. One of the objectives is to assist its industries to better integrate and to fully utilize the digital technologies in their production process and their product innovation, and to boost the digital economy, also to develop a “digital culture” amongst its citizens and eventually for the Region to evolve into a “smart society”. The formerly named “Agence Wallonne des Telecommunications” is hence transformed into “Agence du Numérique”, of which the main missions are to assist the Walloon Government in relevant policy making and execution of the such policies, as well as to assist all Walloon enterprises in matters related to the modern ICT technologies, so as to enable them to proactively participate in “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” as well as to better cope with the era of the “Internet of Things”.


With efforts from both the private and public sectors, the ICT related industries in Wallonia are delivering good results over the past decade. Many of them are doing extremely well, more notably in the audio/video equipment and solutions. More and more start-ups are spinning off from the labs of universities or research centres to commercialize their ideas and solutions. With the promotion of such organizations as InfoPole, TWIST, ect., a cluster of ICT related industries is gradually in shape and is growing in a healthy pace.


In order to showcase the efforts and ambitions of the Walloon ICT sector, as well as to offer a platform for business opportunities, the Wallonia Foreign Trade and Investment Agency (Awex) has decided to participate for the first time in the Semicon Taiwan 2015, together with 6 companies and 2 research organizations that are interested in the Taiwan market. Their expertise includes: machine vision (Aphesa, Euresys), Internet routers for industry (eWon), IC design for security IP and image IP solutions (Barco-Silex), multi-media digital contents (Sunday Pistols) and micro-electronic and ICT/IoT R&D (Cetic, SEMi-UMons).