SEMICON Taiwan 2015

Precision Machinery Pavilion



Taiwan's precision machinery industry market value was around NTD 935 to 940 billion last year.Taiwan's precision machinery industry with world-class competitiveness, including ball screws, linear guideways and thread grinders and other key components, had implemented by global leading equipment manufacturers.
In 2012, the domestic semiconductor equipment components homemade rate had reached 38%.Since 2000, Ministry of Economic Affairs applied more actively "Promote the semiconductor process equipment and components project" to invite the foundry , precision machinery vendors and equipment manufacturers to develop tripartite cooperation in equipment technology, and to set equipment localization goals in next four years will invest NTD 330 million to help domestic equipment manufacturers to enhance research and development capabilities and scale of operations.
Global major companies from around the world will feature product display and programs on the latest Precision Machinery developments.
One on one pre-scheduled meetings for your potential buyers including IDM, foundry and OEM to get to know you in a private setting in a SEMI provided space. It would be the best 30 minutes you want to spend at the show!
You will learn the latest technology developments of major companies through their live shows and interactive displays. SEMICON Taiwan is the best platform to identify business partners with low cost and high performance solutions.





         Booth No.                       Exhibitors                                                       
2832 Bo-Jiang Technology Co., Ltd.
2836 Hortech Company



2833 Milli Intl. Co.
2935 Sanho Ostor Electronics Corporation
2835 Wuchine Enterprise Co., Ltd.
2834 Yotec Company


Yu Shyan System Technology Materials Co., Ltd.





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