SEMICON Taiwan 2015

International Semiconductor

Advanced Manufacturing Process and Equipment Technology Forum

& Business Matchmaking



Date: Thursday, September 3rd, 2015

Time: 09:00-17:00 (09:00 - 09:30 for registration)

Venue: Room 638, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1



Semiconductor Advanced Manufacturing Process and Equipment Technology


Forum Outline:

Metal Industries Research & Development Centre (MIRDC), SEMI and Optoelectronic & Semiconductor Equipment Industry Development Project Office of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs (IDB) will host “International Semiconductor Advanced Manufacturing Process and Equipment Technology Forum & Business Matchmaking” during SEMICON Taiwan. 


This event includes the following two sessions, “International Semiconductor Advanced Manufacturing Process and Equipment Technology Forum” has invited speakers from international company (PHYSICS INSTRUMENTATION CENTER at GPIRAS, TRONIC GROUP, JSC MERI and MIKRON, Zelenograd Development Corporation, SUZUKI, ELIA, DISCO, Okinawa Prefectural Government Okinawa SEZ, TNO, High Tech NL, Bosch Rexroth Taiwan) from Russia, Japan and Europe to give speeches about local semiconductor development situation, overseas cooperation direction and technical strategy. 


Furthermore, through the arrangement of one-on-one business matchmaking in “International Semiconductor Advanced Manufacturing Process and Equipment Business Matching”, it will improve the mutual understanding between Taiwanese and overseas companies (ACCRETECH, AT-VAC, DISCO, ELIA, JSC MERI and MIKRON, Eurointech Ltd., High Tech NL, HOKURIKUROKA, Okinawa SEZ, PHYSICS INSTRUMENTATION CENTER at GPIRAS, SUZUKI, TNO, TRONIC GROUP, Zelenograd SEZ、Cellnetrix GmbH、 CJSC Nanotechnology MDT、KM211、SKTO Promproyekt), and also increase the chances to cooperate with each other.

We hope that through this forum and business matching event would let domestic manufacturers to have further understanding of international market trends and overseas production capacity. It would also increase the cooperation opportunities of technology communication and marketing between Taiwanese and overseas companies. 


So make sure you don’t miss this opportunity!












Opening remark




Welcome address




Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony for Physics Instrumentation Center, General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences and MIRDC



International Semiconductor Advanced Manufacturing Process

and Equipment Technology Forum




Semiconductor Equipment Industry’s Current Situation and International Collaborating Opportunity in Taiwan

Dr. Johnny J.S. Lin, Director, Optoelectronic & Semiconductor Equipment/Components Localization Office/MIRDC



Lecture Topic – Russian

Mr. Ching-Yen Huang, Vice Chairman, Taiwan-Russia Association



Russian Laser Research’s Current Situation and Application Development Trend

Dr. Sergey K. Vartapetov, Director, Physics Instrumentation Center /General Physics Institute/Russian Academy of Sciences



Russian Equipment Integration Company and Collaborating Strategy with Asian Partners (Tentative)





Russian Semiconductor Equipment’s Current Situation and Future Foreign Cooperate Opportunities (Tentative)

JSC Molecular Electronics Research Institute and MIKRON



Zelenograd SEZ’s Development and Foreign Cooperate Strategy of Technique for Semiconductor Industry

Mr. Omarov Boris, Assistant Development Director, Moscow City Enterprise "Zelenograd Development Corporation"



Lecture Topic – Japanese

Mr. Sheng-Yan Hsiao, Director, Taiwan Japan Association for Business Communication


11:00 ~11:15


Kyushu’s Semiconductor Industry Development and Prospect for Cooperating with Taiwan

Mr. Kiyomi Suzuki, President, SUZUKI Co., Ltd.




Japan’s High Level Electric Testing Service and Cooperating with Taiwan

Mr. Yoshimi Higuchi, Chief Executive Officer, ELIA Co., Ltd.



Concept of The Development of Next Generation Product: Evironmental Friendly

Mr. Yuki Takayama, Manager, DISCO Corporation




Okinawa SEZ Development and Foreign Cooperate Strategy of Technique for Semiconductor Industry

Mr. Seisho Kimura, Associate Director, International Logistics Promotion Division/Department of Commerce, Industry and Labor/Okinawa Prefectural Government






Lecture topic – Europe

Mr. Jimmy Ou, Vice Chairman, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufactures’ Association 




Semiconductor Equipment Research in Holland and Transferable Technologies – TNO

Dr. Roland van Vliet, Director of TNO Semiconductor Equipment, TNO 




A Study of High Throughput SPM in Europe

Dr. Hamed Sadeghian Marnani, Principal Scientist, TNO 




High Tech NL: Connected Innovation World Wide

Dr. Ben van der Zon, Program Manager Semicon, High Tech NL




Making Use of Industry 4.0 - Technology Improves Quality

Mr. Charlie Chen, Sales Director of Factory Automation Division, Bosch Rexroth Taiwan



Break (30mins)


International Semiconductor Advanced Manufacturing Process and Equipment Business Matchmaking

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Welcome remarks and Group photo taking








Business Matchmaking (Appointment required)

Companies List:

1. ACCRETECH (Japan)

2. AT-VAC Ltd. (Russia)


4. ELIA Co., Ltd. (Japan)

5. JSC Molecular Electronics Research Institute and MIKRON(Russia)

6. Eurointech Ltd. (Russia)

7. High Tech NL (Netherland)

8. HOKURIKUROKA Co., Ltd. (Japan)

9. Okinawa SEZ / Okinawa Prefectural Government Taipei Office (Japan)


11. SUZUKI Co., Ltd. (Japan)

12. TNO (Netherland)

13. TRONIC GROUP (Russia)

14. Zelenograd SEZ / Zelenograd Development Corporation (Russia)

15. Cellnetrix GmbH (Russia)

16. CJSC Nanotechnology MDT (Russia)

17. KM211 (Russia)

18. SKTO Promproyekt (Russia)






Supported by Optoelectronic and Semiconductor Equipment Industry Development Program of IDB.


● Programs are subject to change without prior notice.

● Russian and European lectures will be conducted in English; Japanese lecture will be conducted in Japanese with an interpretation service.

● No recording/ photography during seminar.




International Semiconductor Advanced Manufacturing Process

and Equipment Business Matchmaking

A brief company profile introduction




ACCRETECH (Tokyo Seimitsu)

Since founded in 1949, Tokyo Seimitsu is the IPO company in Japan as a manufacturer of precision measurement systems and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.


The company employed more than 1,200(consolidated base) employees worldwide in USA, Europe, and Asia.

Accretech sales and manufacture of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and measuring instruments.

●  Semiconductor manufacturing equipment: 

Wafer probing machines, wafer dicing machines, wafer inspection system, polish grinders, chemical mechanical planarizers (CMPs).

●  Measuring instruments: 

Coordinate measuring machines, surface texture and contour measuring instruments, roundness and cylindrical profile measuring instruments.


Since the beginning of 2006, the businesses of our company are to manufacture and to build experimental sample, also to produce a series of vacuum systems and control systems for CZ crystal growing furnaces.


In such way, during our effort in the field of high melting point crystal growing, the furnace is manufactured and made afresh. This self-made product “Corundum” is able to protect the conditions for crystal growing process with reformed technology of KY method.


We also can manufacture and produce crystal growing furnaces with high melting point material crucible methods depends on the client’s needs.

Recently, our company offers:

●  Crystal growing furnaces with high melting point material.

●  The installment and the testing of the furnaces.

●  The adjustment of the crystal growing process.


●  Manufacture (Produce in company) and installment of the supplementary equipment.


●  Staffs training for client. You can find more information about it in service chapter.



DISCO Corporation is a precision tools maker from Japan. The company was founded as Daiichi-Seitosho Co. Ltd. in May 1937, as an industrial abrasive wheel manufacturer.


DISCO Corporation makes dicing saws and laser saws to cut semiconductor silicon wafers and other materials; grinders to process silicon and compound semiconductor wafers to ultra-thin levels; polishing machines to remove the grinding damage layer from the wafer back-side and to increase chip strength.

●  Precision Machines

Dicing Saws

Laser Saws



WaterJet Saw

ELIA Co., Ltd

ELIA is conducting the development of test specifications and product evaluation from the product design stage, we will perform the evaluation of the prototype, development of test program, and the start-up of production. We will also provide the production support and the technology-development support by making the development of a substrate involved in the test and evaluation.


Our company has many professional engineers and enough equipment for the analog system IC, especially power devices development. We will continue to contribute reducing the TACT time up to mass-production and market from product evaluation after design.

●  Contract services of production and engineering

●  Semiconductor product evaluation and analysis


●  Semiconductor product application development


●  Commissioned development


●  Electronic control equipment design and manufacturing


●  Printed circuit board design


JSC Molecular Electronics Research Institute (MERI) and MIKRON

The largest manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics in Russia and CIS being a part of RTI Systems industrial holding. JSC MERI and Mikron carries out scientific research, development, production and sale of integrated circuits, including export products.




Eurointech Ltd.


The company is a supplier of equipment for production of microelectronic devices, materials and EDA (software) in Russian market.


We supply following categories of equipment;

●  Substrate/wafer processing

- Micro-assembling

●  PCB manufacturing

●  Cable and wire processing

●  Measuring and visualization

●  Process automation

High Tech NL

High Tech NL is an association for high-tech companies and knowledge institutions in the Netherlands. The aim of the association is stimulating R&D cooperation in order to strengthen the basis of the Dutch high-tech industry. The high-tech industry is based on a number of specific technologies, namely mechatronics, embedded (cyber physical) systems, materials, nano-electronics, photonics and nanotechnology. High Tech NL aims to bring and keep the Dutch high-tech ecosystem at a world class level.


Developments on a global scale are going so fast that it is no longer possible for a company to reach or maintain a leading position at its own strength. Therefore High Tech NL strongly supports national and international collaboration by her cluster members.

●  Specific Technologies

●  Namely Mechatronics

●  Embedded (Cyber Physical) Systems

●  Materials

●  Nano-electronics

●  Photonics and Nanotechnology


HOKURIKU ROKA CO, LTD is a factory of chemicals for chemistry treatment established in May, 1988. Their main business is manufacturing and selling special chemicals for removing the burrs on industrial products, precision electroforming parts and machining parts…etc. They’ve already had patent for surface treatment in Japan.

•Surface treatment technology.

Okinawa SEZ / Okinawa Prefectural Government Taipei Office

Okinawa Prefectural Government Taipei Office was established in Taiwan in 1990. Okinawa Prefectural Government Taipei Office conduct the following business: Promoting business and commercial exchanges between Okinawa and Taiwan,   Promotion of Okinawa’s investment environment, Doing research and promotion for the expansion of Okinawa’s production, Investigation and promotion for attracting tourists.

Okinawa SEZ three main features:

• The operating income tax in Japan is 38% while its 19% in Okinawa.

• Currently in contact with Taiwan company.

• The possibility of taking cooperative orders with Taiwan OEM company.



Prokhorov General Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (GPI RAS) was organized in 1982 on the basis of Division A of the Lebedev Physical Institute, USSR Academy of Sciences, by Academician Aleksandr Mikhailovich Prokhorov.

PHYSICS INSTRUMENTATION CENTER is best known for the study of laser theory, especially the development of the instrument. PIC also established a subsidiary company OptoSystems.

● Laser Instrument Development

● Laser Element Provided

● Laser Application Services

● Basic Theoretical Construction Consultants


Suzuki Co., Ltd. is a semiconductor trading company establishing the head office in Oita-shi, Oita. The device necessary for semiconductor production, offer of raw materials and device repair business reaches, too. Suzuki prepare for a Tokyo office, Yokkaichi, Mie office, three offices of the Oita office and meet the demand of the visitor speedily. Sales of O ring, processing metal parts, ceramic parts, quartz parts, resin product and so on.

● Sales of O Ring, Processing Metal Parts, Ceramic Parts, Quartz Parts, Resin  Product  


Tronic Group was established in late 1993 in Singapore.

Tronic supplies a full line of word-class products across a range of semiconductor process, including photoresist, photomasks, chemicals, process gas, PVD target, wafers, cassette, cleanroom consumables, probe card and load board for testing. The high quality products are not only meeting our customers' needs but also with fast delivery to achieve a significant cost-savings to our customers. Besides helping semiconductor manufacturers lower the cost of ownership, Tronic devote itself to reducing environmental impact and improving our customer’s productivity. For over 15 years, Tronic have contributed to the success of semiconductor industries through lowered costs, improved efficiency and the most advanced range of technology equipment in the industry.

● Advanced Materials Supply Chain Services

●  Semiconductor Equipment Business


TNO is the largest independent Dutch research organization for applied science. It was established by law in 1932. It has about 3300 employees on total including 55 professors with an annual turnover of approximately 600 million Euro. Its innovation areas cover industry, healthy living, defense & security, urban environment and energy.


TNO semiconductor equipment is a division which belongs to the area of industry. It specializes in the development of proto-type equipment and processes for the semiconductor industry, especially for the lithography, inspection and metrology market. The main focus is on opto-mechanical systems with nanometer precision in environments where contamination plays a major role.


It is also world leading in semiconductor contamination control over the past 15 years. TNO Semiconductor Equipment offers R&D contract research, technology transfer and IP licensing etc. in the above mentioned markets. TNO Semiconductor Equipment also initiated a consortium called Tap into, which includes 12 companies so far. Tap into aims to create a One-Stop-Shop for world class research, development and manufacturing of highly precise production and inspection equipment for Semiconductor, Display and Solar production. Together with all the Tap into partners, we look for collaboration opportunities with semiconductor equipment companies or institutes which have capabilities in R&D.


● Development of proto-type equipment and processes for the semiconductor industry


Zelenograd SEZ / Zelenograd Development Corporation

The Zelenograd Development Corporation supports the cluster of technology companies in Zelenograd, Moscow. Zelenograd is the scientific-industrial district of Moscow, with a specialization in micro-electronics and high-tech business. The cluster has ~150 members, with a total turnover of 24 billion Russian rubles (2011). The cluster members specialize in micro- and nano electronics, electronic instruments and complex technical IT based systems.

● Micro- and nanoelectronics

● Electronic instruments and apparatus

● Integrated technical IT-systems on the basis of electronic instruments and apparatus


Cellnetrix GmbH Development of innovative embedded technologies for security-sensitive Machine-to-Machine and Internet of Things applications enhancing mobile security, confidentiality and trust. Embedded software is fully based on cross-industry standards such as ISO, ETSI, IETF, Global Platform and Oracle’s Java Card.

● Embedded Security

● Machine-to-Machine

● USIM Applications

● Modules & Test Cards

● Tools & Middleware

CJSC Nanotechnology MDT Nanotechnology is exploding. The world of small sizes has never been as vital for so many directions in science and industry. With this new direction comes a greater need for measurement on the atomic scale and new demands for reliable, precise, and multi-purpose instrumentation.

● Measuring complexes for scientific researches

● Modular nanotechnology and analytical technological NANOFAB complexes and autonomous technological systems ETNA

● Automated SPMs for using in science and industry

KM211 (LLC KM211) KM211 is Russia’s leader in developing microcontroller and low consumption microchip cores having experience in production of dozens of microchip types. Developing and production of microchips at foreign and Russian factories. The company has developed unique microprocessor cores with original architecture and outstanding code density and consumption characteristics. 

● Microprocessor-cores IP development

● SoC architecture development

● Broadband multimedia scalable architectures development

SKTO Promproyekt One of the leaders in the field of design, re-equipment and reconstruction of industrial hi-tech facilities in Russia.

● Microelectronics

● Instrument-making

● Photovoltaic industries 

● Scientific research


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